20,000 ㎡ Factory

20,000 ㎡ Contemporary Factory

Our factories are ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO 45001 certified. Our stable supply chain​ helps us collect 3000 tons of used shoes. A wide, 20,000 m² factory area helps us in the faster daily processing of over 300 tons monthly to ensure we ship out 10 containers per day.

With the powerful supply chain and robust processing, we’re recognized as one of the top used shoes manufacturers in China.

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We provide you with an in-depth look at our processes, from our sorting to our shipping. You can request for CCTV footage for direct proof of our quality to show you we are true to our word.

Where the Quality Used Shoes Come from

P04 2 s04 员工在装鞋子
P04 2 s05 员工称鞋子
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P04 2 s04 员工在分拣鞋子
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P02 S04 HQ high heel shoes

Philosophy within Our Factory

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While most of our peers take 3-6 weeks, we are fast enough to complete your order and load within just one week, ensuring you have a stable supply to meet your region’s demands.

sorter checking the quality of a used shoe pair during the sorting process


We follow a strict processing SOP by having standardized packaging sizes and methods for consistency in appearance and better quality control.
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We regularly calibrate the scales to ensure precise baling and equitable purchasing of our premium used shoes. To show our honesty and quality process in detail, you can request real-time CCTV footage.

P04 2 s05 员工在成品堆用叉车叉货


We ensure 100% full container space utilization, as shown in how our 40ft containers can hold up to 23-28 tons of used shoes. An added 10% more capacity for more used shoes also saves on shipping costs.

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Time: 9 am to 17:30 pm


Email : sales@usedshoess.com

Whatsapp :  +8619125703698


Changban Daxuetang Innovation Park, No. 21, Changyuan Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Watch Factory via Video

Our staff can take you on a virtual factory tour via whatsapp or weixin to show you all our facilities and how we meet your deadlines.

Watch Factory via CCTV

Alternatively, you may request real-time CCTV footage to validate our sorting quality processes as a display of our honesty and commitment to providing quality used shoes.

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