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Focused on quality and fast order fulfillment, Hissen Shoes is your trustworthy second-hand shoes supplier from China, with vast experience in exporting to Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

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Why Choose Hissen Shoes?

Part of the Hissen Group, Hissen Shoes shares the same dedication to quality sorting and shipping we’re renowned for worldwide. We are a seasoned used shoes supplier with a solid supplier base and over 400 skilled personnel regularly catering to hundreds of satisfied clients.

Experience next-level purchasing and quality wholesale second hand shoes by partnering with industry experts. Our team practices top-grade quality protocols in every step of the process, ensuring you get the best second-hand shoes for your market.

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Excellence in Every Part

Collecting from Upscale Cities

Our process begins by retrieving used shoes from over 70,000 collection points strategically located in upscale cities, including Shenzhen, Beijing, Wuhan, Chengdu, and Guangzhou.

100% Handpick Sorting & Inspection

Once the used shoes arrive at our facility, our seasoned experts conduct at least five rounds of inspection on each pair, ensuring they meet our standards.

Fast Shipping With Maximum Capacity

For maximized container capacity, we combine specific sack bags with innovative packaging to prepare your wholesale used shoes. Processing and loading take around one week to complete.

Standardized Packaging & Loading

We’re guaranteed allocation and punctual delivery every time. Once your bale of used shoes leaves the warehouse, we provide constant updates to keep you in the loop during transit.

How to Work with Hissen Shoes

Free Consultation

Our used shoes are shipped to more than 60countries. As a result, we understand the demand forshoes in various countries. Professional advice isavailable based on your budget, location, and targetmarket.

Markets | Budget 

Bulk Used Shoe Customization

We do our best to meet your needs, making bulk second-hand shoe purchases like customizing and meeting your needs in terms of grades, categories, packaging, and prices.

Shoes Grades | Customized Options | Pricing

100% Handpicked Processing

We can acquire 3,000 tons of inventory and process your order in 7 days thanks to a strong supply chain system and streamlined processing.

Sound Supply Chain | 7-Day Processing

Punctual Delivery

We partner with prestigious logistics companies such as Maersk, PIL, MSC, Costco, and others to ensure on-time delivery and hassle-free logistics assistance.