For Standard, Fastidious, and Consistent Quality

Committed to delivery top-grade used shoes for global markets, our quality control team monitors our shoes’ quality from incoming inspections to thorough final testing. Combining our experience with advanced inspection equipment and techniques helps us minimize quality issues and provide your market with only the best.


We only get our recycled shoes from top cities andtrustworthy sources who follow international standards.

We can help acquire the documentation necessary toenter your borders.

We ensure standardized processing to meticulouslysupply quality used shoes.

By complying with the most fastidious quality standards

We validate the export compliance of our used shoes.

We are certified based on our efficient sorting andadherence to quality.

Fastidious Quality Standards Rooted in Our Loop

By complying with the most fastidious quality standards, we prevent major quality issues that delay your acquisition of used shoes while also ensuring your brand can be counted on by your region.

80% New
Used Shoes
5 Rounds
Full Inspection
Qualification Rate

Quality Used Shoes in all Grades

With our 80% new used shoes policy, our shoe grades are a reflection of our adherence to fastidious standards, with Grade A having fewer to no blemishes and Grade B retaining their quality and appearance.

Grade A

Grade A shoes are barely used or lack any degradation, such that they look good as new. By having second-hand shoes in excellent condition, your brand has an edge in the competition that also comes within affordable costs on your end.

P02 2 S02 品牌鞋子
P03 S04 B grade

Grade B

As a testament to their durability and longevity, Grade B shoes remain usable even after their past usage by lacking any excessive wear and instead only having minor defects and spots.

Certificates of Our Used Shoes

You Buy Quality Alongside Your Used Shoes

Random inspection before shipping

Commodity inspection

Fumigation compliance

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