A Journey of Our Used Shoes

A Journey of A Container of Used Shoes

We provide a comprehensive process that brings you your desired used shoe selections at accommodating prices and delivery times. From strict screening and collection to sorting and shipping, we bring you on a journey where used shoes from all around China become hot-selling items for your market.

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We have 200 suppliers around upscale cities such as Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Beijing, and Shenzhen that provide diverse branded used shoes or mixed second-hand shoe selections. Taking only reliable suppliers from these elite cities ensures strict quality control, and conformity to the latest fashion.


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Group 677


Thanks to our solid supply chain , we have over 70,000 collecting points located in China’s top cities. We can also recycle around 300 tons of used shoes per month, ensuring we have ample supply to meet your demands.

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As some markets require more of a different shoe type than another region, we sort based on your matching ratio and the needs of various markets. If you have special product needs, we can also arrange a whole cabinet of individual product categories, or sell special shoes, such as single shoes, slippers, and more.

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Group 680


Our workers excel at loading your orders using our standard transparent packaging that utulizes almost 100% of our container space. Beyond the usual 3-6 weeks our peers make, we only take one week to complete the sorting process and have enough time to load your orders even into 40ft containers.

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In order to ensure the compliant, premium and safe quality of used shoes for export, we will carry out commodity inspection after loading and provide relevant quality certificates after shipment. We provide cleanran assistance to you and help track your orders with regular updates from our staff.

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