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One of the reasons for being one of the top used shoe suppliers in China is our ability to deliver all orders on time at any time of the year. We ensure punctual, smooth, safe delivery of wholesale used shoes and your hassle free business.

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What We Offer

Hissen shoes ensure a hassle-free experience through the various advantages of our shipping capabilities. See how we can make a difference in your business with the benefits of our used shoe delivery.

Low Shipping Cost

Compared to other suppliers, our shipping fee costs less.

Experienced Shipping

We have been providing quality used shoes to clients across the globe for more than ten years.

Fast Delivery Time

About 98% of all orders of high-grade used shoes around the globe are delivered on time.

Safe Shipping

We are partnered with reliable freight forwarding companies to deliver your orders safely.

Hassle-free Purchase

Save time and money through our one-stop-shop solution for second-hand footwear.

Convenient Cooperation

About 98% of all orders of high-grade used shoes around the globe are delivered on time.


Reliable Shipping Partners

Hissen is partnered with more than 40 freight forward companies that can ship used shoes in more than 60 countries. Our logistic partners ensure zero backlogs on our orders and have our premium second-hand shoes available to any clients across the globe.


Guaranteed Allocation

The solid partnership we built with reputable freight forward companies guarantees a space for your used shoe bulk orders. The guaranteed cargo allocation ensures no delays when shipping your orders, even during peak periods.

Considerate Tracking

After your orders’ final inspection and shipping, you will receive a tracking number. You can get real-time updates on the location of your wholesale used shoe order via our logistic partner’s website.

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Punctual Delivery

As a leading used shoe supplier, we are experienced in shipping goods across the Asian, African, Oceania, and South American markets. Hissen Shoes guarantees your volume order of second-hand shoes are completed within the expected date.

Clearance Assistance

All orders have to go through customs ports in various locations. Hissen’s knowledge of the rules of different countries and our cooperation with leading freight forwarding companies can help you clear custom ports quickly.

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