Customized Options

Make New Possibilities in Every Purchase

We provide abundant customization options for your used shoe order, whether it is in purchasing or packaging. Save costs and find the optimum purchasing experience with our sales support that identifies the right products and custom features for you.

Purchasing Ways

There are different categories you can purchase our shoes in, whether you want a single category in one container or mixed categories. Either choice is organized well and can help reduce shipping costs.

Single Category
Upon your business, you can buy used shoes of one category only to be loaded into one container.
Mixed Used Shoes
Add diversity to your selections with a mixed assortment of used shoes, giving your market the flexibility to choose.
Branded Used Shoes
With water-tight sealing and durable build, our 40ft containers have 1005 bales, maximizing shipping space and costs.


As a leading used shoes broker, we can help you move your goods across the world. We have different sized containers to comply with requirements for areas such as Africa, South America, Oceania, East Asia, Southeast Asia, and more

100 Small Bales
For starter brands or smaller retail stores, we offer a budget-friendly option as we load up to 100 small bales of shoes.
20ft Container
We support 20ft container of used shoes order and even support 10 containers per week.
40ft Container
With water-tight sealing and durable build, our 40ft container can hold around 1005 bales of used shoes.

Item List & Ratio

For organizing your orders and customization them to your liking, we support item list and ratio customization that calculate the right amount of used shoes per category based on your budget and other requirements.

Make Every Sack Stand Out & Sell Out
We can customize our list of items according to your required quantity and the categories that are suited to your market.
Product ItemPcs /Sack
Big Size Men's Sport ShoesX-XX
Big Size Men's LeatherShoesX-XX
Big Size Men's Casual +Canvas ShoesX-XX
Men's Shoes Size 39X-XX
Lady Casual+Canvas ShoesX-XX
Chidren's ShoesX-XX
Women's Sport ShoesX-XX
High-heel + Platform ShoesX-XX

Grades of Used Shoes

We have different quality options based on your budget needs and requirements. The two grades are all quality-tested and do not have excessive wear as a show of how we value our customers.

Grade A
Grade A shoes are near-flawless, lacking any dyeing or tearing, making them good as new and readily usable for long periods.
Grade B
While already used or having some wear, Grade B shoes remain presentable and functional as they do not have detrimental damage that affects usage.

Bale Weight

We follow your region’s bale weight requirement’s that range from 20kg/sack, 25kg/sack to 100kg/sack for faster, cost-effective baling and transport of items.


Our packaging can be customized with different materials to secure your goods and additional features such as logo prints and patterns, to help improve your brand recognition.

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