Second-Hand Shoes

Diverse Shoes, Unlimited Choices For Any People, Any Occasion

Each bale of mixed used shoes contains an assortment of footwear categories that are carefully selected based on your purchase requirements. These second-hand shoes undergo rigorous inspections, ensuring no damaged or faulty footwear joins the batch.

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Grades of Our Second-Hand Shoes

We segregate the used shoes into two grades, each upholding specific qualifications that significantly represent your branding ideals.

Grade A

Used shoes classified under Grade A exhibit minimal wear and nearly pristine condition, with no visible holes, tears, or damage on the surface.

100% Satisfaction Start with 110% FCL

We’re skilled in packing each bale with the right number of used used shoes to maximize the containers. This reduces delay time in shipping so you can get your purchase as soon as possible.

100 Bales

Weight:2,300 kg- 2,500 kg

Container 40ft

Weight:25,000 kg- 28,000 kg

Container 20ft

Weight:11,000 kg- 12,000 kg

How it Works

View Catalog

Browse through our carefully curated catalog of top-grade used shoes and see how our used shoes can fulfill your business goals.

Customize Item List

Create your customized list of used shoes, whether mixing up different categories or opting for branded second-hand shoes.

Choose Quality Grade

Based on your target market, you can divide your used shoes purchase into Grade A or Grade B.


Settle Bale Weight

Choose the bale size that will meet your market needs and target budget, with usual sizes being 23kg, 25kg, and 100kg.

Settle Payment

We support TT, LC, PayPal with 30% deposit and 70% payment before loading.


Settle Packaging & Shipping

After streamlined processing, tailored packaging, your order will be shipped out within 1 weeks.

Receive Your Order

Regarding your location, your order will be arrived between 1 week to 2 weeks with reliable shipping.


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