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Hissen am the leading used slipper supplier with our wide range of used slippers styles such as slip-on, sandals, and toe-post. Collected from key cities in China, our used slippers’ condition ranges from good-as-new to good, providing you with different grades of second-hand slippers. We also offer a brand-oriented customized options to address any business requirements such as custom bale weight, shoes type, and packaging.

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Our Range of Featured Used Slippers

Used Slippers in Bulk in the Whole Container

Your bales can consist of only used slippers without other types of shoes when your business only require slippers for your business.

Wholesale Used Slippers in Mixed Used Shoes

When you are interested in tapping into rising trends or entering new markets, you can include a mix of second-hand shoes for your order of used slippers, sneakers, heels, and slippers.

Why Choose us- We Promise High Quality

Hissen used slippers are critical to the success of retailers, distributors, and resellers across the globe due to the qualities and feature it presents.

We have slippers that come in plain colors and ones with attractive prints. The variety in used shoes can satisfy many of your target market preferences.

Hissen has used slippers in different sizes for men, women, and children to let you satisfy any customer requirements.

Our seasoned workers will examine the quality of our used slippers to ensure durable quality for long time use.

Every shoe we source from our reliable suppliers undergoes five thorough inspections, ensuring all of your used slippers are good quality.

Buy high-grade used slippers in bulk and achieve a high ROI with our economical prices on second-hand shoes.

5 Rounds of Inspections before You Receive

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Collecting & Incoming Inspection

Incoming material inspection is a standard check when our used shoes arrive from 70,000 collection points in major cities.

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Full Inspection

Our skilled employees with over five years of experience will thoroughly inspect the used shoes. They will also handpick them based on your locations and products.

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Processing Inspection

Our quality inspectors will conduct processing inspections at each critical processing stage to ensure that quality requirements are met.

inspector taking a list of the used shoe pair's details

Inspection Before Packaging

A quality inspector will evaluate our products at random to ensure that all of your order’s requirements are met and that the used shoes are of the highest possible quality.

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Inspection Before Loading

We will conduct a second random examination before loading to confirm the condition of the wholesale used shoes.

female sorter inspects the soles of a used shoe pair

Commodity inspection

Third-party quality inspectors will inspect used shoes after loading to save time and ensure a stress-free export.

Help You Earn More at Every Stage

Quality Materials

We have excellent standards and buy our materials in accordance with your markets because we are aware of the preferences for used shoes in various nations.

Processing & Sorting

We can finish processing and loading 3,000 tons of inventory with skilled staff in 7 days, saving you time and enabling you to grasp your market sooner.


To make place for more worn shoes and boost stacking capacity, we pack your old shoes using specialized packaging and cutting-edge methods.


Weekly scale calibration will be done to make sure the number of shoes is within a suitable range and the bale weight of used shoes is between 23kg and 25kg.


Experienced loaders can finish loading with 100% capacity utilization and 10% more capacity to reduce shipping costs and make place for additional used shoes.


Because of our strong ties to logistical firms like PIL, Evengreen, and Maersk, we can obtain a guaranteed allocation and guarantee prompt delivery anywhere in the world.

Why Choose us- We Give You More

More Quality Inspections

Our team constantly practices strict inspections after every step to guarantee your market gets only the best.

More Advantageous Lead Time

Streamlined production processes and access to more than 70,000 collection centers allow us to complete large-volume orders in 7-15 days.

More Capacity in a Container

Well-trained workers have the ingenuity and knowledge to maximize the space of each container by packing an extra 10% capacity for more used shoes.

More Experience in Exporting

With years of exporting experience under our belts, we’re able to address the diverse demands of the global market.

More Competitive Prices

Since you’re working directly with us and have no middleman in between, you’re getting the best prices for a higher profit.

More Services to Receive

Hissen offers brand-building services, including professional consultation and order tracking, to make your orders as smooth as possible.

Why Choose us

We're the Top Used Shoes Factory

Look no further, Hissen Shoes is a premier trusted supplier of used slippers.

20,000 ㎡ Factory

The 20,000 sq.m. of workspace within two of our ISO-certified factories makes it possible for us to sort through large quantities of used slippers and footwear with a fast turnover.

Dependable Supply Chain

With more than 70,000 collection points consisting of recycling centers, donation centers, and government agencies in ten upscale cities, we can provide a rich selection of used slippers.

Standardized Processing

The standardized process we set in our self-owned factories is how we can sort 10+ tons of used slippers and footwear each day and complete volume orders with a fast lead time.

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