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Elevate your pre-owned shoe brand with name-brand pre-owned shoes from Hissen Shoes. Each kids shoes bale contains up to 80 pairs, with some of the most fashionable models of the last moments.

We carefully select each pair of brand shoes to meet your market preference, shoe grade and condition. In this way, your second-hand shoes can enjoy strong competitiveness in the second-hand shoe wholesale business, helping you seize the market share.


Buy Wholesale Used Kid's Shoes

Make Hissen Shoes your go-to source of top-tier branded used shoes. Our constantly updated list of branded used shoes includes some of the most popular names in the market.




Why Choose us- We Promise High Quality

Quality sorting has defined Hissen Shoes over the years, dedicating significant time and resources to elevate our quality control endeavors.

Strict quality control systems ensure that you’re getting used branded shoes that have bright colors and thick soles.

Make your custom bale more profitable by including top fashion shoe brands like Nike, Adidas, Converse, and others.

Our bales help you increase profits, as we offer the best wholesale prices in the market.

Why Choose us

We're the Top Used Shoes Factory

Make the move today and work with Hissen Shoes for smoother and more profitable used branded shoes purchasing.

20,000 ㎡ Factory

Hissen Shoes utilizes two modern sorting facilities for fast and reliable processing and sorting. Each section of the facility practices strict quality standards from start to end.

Dependable Supply Chain

Our facilities receive 40,000 pairs of used branded shoes regularly from over 70,000 sorting locations in key China cities. Our solid supply chain always has brands you need in stock.

Standardized Processing

We’re masters at sorting and inspecting used branded shoes at large volumes. Typical orders take only a week to complete, ensuring you receive them on time, all the time.

How to Work with Hissen Shoes

Free Consultation

You can consult our experts for free and receive professional advice on market preferences, budgets, and other topics to help you launch your wholesale used shoes business.

Markets | Budget 

Bulk Used Shoe Customization

We can assist you with shoe grades, categories, pricing, and anything else you may require. Make purchasing wholesale used shoes as simple as customization.

Shoes Grades | Customized Options | Pricing

100% Handpicked Processing

We can acquire 3,000 tons of inventory and process your order in seven days with the help of a strong supply chain system.

Sound Supply Chain | 7-Day Processing

Punctual Delivery

We have a strong relationship with the logistics company, which results in guaranteed allocation, on-time delivery, and competitive rates.


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    Hissen shoes is a reputable used shoes supplier rooted in used shoes exporting since 2009.

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