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Quality Wholesale Women's Used Shoes

Sourced from China’s top cities, our women’s used shoes are fashionable for many countries and come in an assortment of appearances that appeal to your region. As such, we sort based on your requirements while also helping you find unique wholesale women’s second-hand shoes that would improve your brand’s recognizability.

six pairs of colorful used high heel ladies shoes

Our Range of Featured Women's Used Shoes

Women's Used Shoes in Bulk in The Whole Container

If you want only women’s used shoes in one container, we can provide women's used shoes exclusively as per your request.

Wholesale Women's Used Shoes in Mixed Used Shoes

To help you supply a wider range of goods, we mix premium women’s used shoes into every sack of used shoes filled with assorted categories.

Why Choose us- We Promise High Quality

Through BV, SGS, and other certifications, we maintain consistent quality in our sorting process so that retailers successfully penetrate the market.

We prioritize acquiring and sorting brightly colored women’s used shoes that are in season for yoru region.

With our experience, we select shoe sizes fit for women of all ages in your locale to help your brand flexibly respond to your customers’ needs.

As recognizable brands increase your region’s familiarity with your brand, we provide branded shoes from Nike, Converse and others, within one sack.

We maintain consistent quality by ensuring 80% of our used women’s shoes are mostly new and barely worn while discarding pretty shoes with damaged soles.

Through our fast sorting and efficient space utilization, we ensure every order you get is within your budget requirements.

5 Rounds of Inspections before You Receive

P04 1 S05 员工在分拣鞋子

Collecting & Incoming Inspection

To ensure quality, we source our wholesale used shoes from Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and other major cities.

P04 1 S05 质检人员在微笑检查鞋子 1 1

Full Inspection

Every pair of old shoes is hand-selected by seasoned employees with five to six years of expertise to ensure the soles and heels are of the highest caliber.

P04 1 S05 采购人员在检查和登记原材料质量和首检质量 1 1

Processing Inspection

To consistently ensure the quality of used shoes, we will perform at least 5 rounds of inspection, from incoming inspections to commodity inspections.

inspector taking a list of the used shoe pair's details 3

Inspection Before Packaging

Prior to shipping, our staff must verify that every aspect of the wholesale used shoes is accurate, including grades, items, quality, and more.

P03 S05 发货之前的抽检 1

Inspection Before Loading

Random inspection will be conducted even before loading to verify that the quality of our used shoes is met.

female sorter inspects the soles of a used shoe pair 3

Commodity inspection

We will conduct commodity inspections during loading to ensure the quality of wholesale used shoes are qualify for exporting.

Help You Earn More at Every Stage

Quality Materials

To maintain quality and the most competitive used shoe prices, we collect quality used shoes from top-tier cities and reliable suppliers.

Processing & Sorting

During handpicking, experienced workers will select the best shoes and complete processing within 7 days, allowing you to seize your market with high-quality used shoes.


We can pack more shoes and save 10% of container space thanks to customized packaging and space-saving stacking methods, allowing you to receive more shoes.


Because of the transparent and accurate weighing, each sack of used shoes contains an adequate number of shoes, so you don't have to worry about an insufficient total weight.


Loading workers are experts at capacity saving and staking, ensuring 100% capacity utilization and even 10% more capacity for you to load more and save on shipping costs.


Solid logistic company cooperation ensures guaranteed allocation even during peak periods and on-time delivery to eliminate costs associated with delays.

Why Choose us- We Give You More

More Quality Inspections

With our expertise and rigorous testing, we ensure each pair matched based on requirements and is high quality to attract a large market share.

More Advantageous Lead Time

Through our strategic location, we receive used shoes faster and guarantee a more efficient, complete sorting process to deliver within 7-15 days.

More Capacity in a Container

We fill the entire container with enough sacks that there is an additional 10% space capacity, resulting in shipping costs saved.

More Experience in Exporting

Having 20 40-foot containers shipped monlthy helps us deliver women’s used shoes to various countries. Our experience guarantees every export meets your region’s requirements for easy entry.

More Competitive Prices

No need for middle men – Hissen Shoes directly supplies your business with factory-priced women’s used shoes in bulk to improve your profit margins.

More Services to Receive

Our experts provide professional consultation for the right shoes to fit your market, tracking orders from departure to arrival and more services.

Why Choose us

We're the Top Used Shoes Factory

We are China’s leading used shoes factory thanks to our efficient sorting process within 2 factories, stable supply at every turn and fastidious quality standards.

20,000 ㎡ Factory

By having two factories, we double processing speed and maintain superior quality. Our personnel use advanced technology to improve sorting accuracy to get the right used shoes for your region.

Dependable Supply Chain

Having 70,000 collection centers in China’s best cities means we reach our quota of 3,000 tons inventory so we can supply to any global brand.



Standardized Processing

Over 10 tons of used shoes are processed daily within our factories, resulting in our compliance with our one week lead time.



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