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Quality Wholesale Used Sneakers

With our stable supply chain, we provide wholesale used sneakers ranging from used basketball shoes, used soccer shoes, used tennis shoes sorted for their quality or branded appearance to make them fashionable choices for casual wear in your region. By going through 5 rounds of inspections, our second-hand sneakers have proven to remain usable for spots or high-intensity activities.

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Our Range of Featured Used Sneakers

Used Sneakers in Bulk in the Whole Container

When you need only one category of bulk used sneakers, we store only used sneakers in your sacks to ensure consistency in your orders.

Wholesale Men's Used Shoes in Mixed Used Shoes

We can also mix in used sneakers together with your other orders collected in one sack and help diversify your selections.

Buy Wholesale Used Sneakers

You can buy wholesale used sneakers with various types such as men’s used sneakers, women’s used sneakers and kids used sneakers together.

Why Choose us- We Promise High Quality

Quality is the last thing you should worry about when working with hissen shoes. From used shoes collecting, sorting and quality inspection, you can witness quality at every stage.

Bright colors stand out on the shelf, so we acquire used sneakers with vibrant coloration and pleasing patterns.

With our experience and expert sorting, we expand our selection of shoe sizes to satisfy every customer in your region.

As our selection of used sneakers comes from China’s top cities, we acquire branded shoes that your market can recognize, such as Adidas and Nike.

Based on our 80% new shoes policy, we acquire only rarely worn sneakers with bright colors and soles in good condition.

Thanks to our stable supply chain and seasoned workers, we bring you wholesale used sneakers that help you align your costs to your business.

5 Rounds of Inspections before You Receive

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Collecting & Incoming Inspection

We can guarantee that the used shoe raw materials we procure from reputable vendors and top-tier cities are of high quality.

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Full Inspection

During sorting, we will perform a 100% thorough inspection to weed out worn, dirty, and moldy old shoes to ensure superior quality of every pair.

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Processing Inspection

To assure outstanding quality at every level of the processing process, 5 rounds of quality checks will be conducted.

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Inspection Before Packaging

The first random inspection will be done prior to packaging to make sure the quality grade, quantity, and quality are accurate.

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Inspection Before Loading

Quality inspectors do a second random inspection before loading to make sure the product meets export criteria

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Commodity inspection

After loading, commodities inspection will be done by third-party quality inspectors to make sure export criteria are met.

Help You Earn More at Every Stage

Quality Materials

We are familiar with the preference of used shoes among varying countries so that we have set our standards high and conform to your markets when purchasing our materials.

Processing & Sorting

With 3,000 tons of inventory and seasoned workers, we can complete processing and loading within 7 days to save your time and help seize your market earlier.


We pack your used shoes with customized packaging and masterful techniques to save more room for more used shoes and more capacity for stacking.


We will calibrate our scale on a regular basis every week to ensure that bale weight of used shoes is within 23kg-25kg and amount of shoes is within a reasonable range.


Seasoned loading workers can complete loading with 100% capacity utilization and 10% more capacity to cut extra shipping cost and more room for more used shoes.


Good relationship with logistic companies such as PIL, Evengreen, Maersk allows we can get a guaranteed allocation and ensure punctual delivery all over the world.

Why Choose us- We Give You More

More Sacks in a Container

Get over 1005 sacks in our 40ft container and 480 sacks in our 20ft containers so you can save on costs every order you make.

More Types to Choose

By acquiring branded and new shoes, we provide different types of bulk used sneakers to choose from and give your product line the diversity it needs

More Capacity in a Container

By maintaining full usage of container space, we make room for 10% more sacks and save on shipping costs.

More Pairs In One Sack

We gather around 45-50 pairs of hot-selling used sneakers in one sack, along with more styles of sneakers and shoes for the price of less.

More Options to Choose

Customize your bale weight, packaging, and item lists so that your orders will stand out on the shelf and entice more customers.

More Services to Receive

With our variety of services, from consultation to order tracking, we give you no time to worry and more time for you to focus on your business.

Why Choose us

We're the Top Used Shoes Factory

Our close location to China’s top cities enables us to receive used sneakers from leading brands and reliable collection points faster than our peers, ensuring smooth delivery.

20,000 ㎡ Factory

To maintain superior quality, we acquire advanced sorting machines and station expert personnel in two factories, which double our processing speed compared to our peers.

Dependable Supply Chain

Through our connections with reliable recycling plants and top Chinese cities, we easily reach an inventory of up to 3,000 Tons.


Standardized Processing

As we process over 10 tons of used sneakers daily, we complete product selection, sorting and quality control within one week to meet your quotas.

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